The standardised shipping container is an important innovation that has changed the modern
world. It facilitates the trade of fresh food and other goods between countries around the
world, in turn raising the living standards of many societies.​
But, there’s a problem. Sometimes the containers can fall off the ship because of accidents,
severe weather, or poor container packing. ​
Participants were to choose a problem that arises from shipping containers and devise a
possible solution, or choose a research opportunity that shipping container loss creates and
design how you would investigate it.

Chloe Heiniger, Ella Howie
– Junior Secondary (7-8)
Small Group

Archie Shering – Upper
Primary (5-6)

Scarlett French – Lower
Primary (3-4) Individual

Cooper Forward, Alfie
Thompson – Upper Primary
(5-6) Small Group

Laila Biffin, Payton 
Acheson, Ignatia – Lower 
Primary (3-4) Small Group