TSTS Online Awards 2020

Judges for TSTS

Thank you to our Tasmanian Science Talent Search Judges.
Every year members of STAT contribute to the success of the Tasmanian Science Talent Search by taking on judging tasks. To continue the long tradition of professionalism and integrity, teachers who have students entered in the TSTS have no part in judging those sections. STAT also invites judges with expertise beyond that of the STAT to ensure that, not only is the high standard of the process upheld, but specialist knowledge is accessed when required.
In 2020, we thank the following judges who volunteered their time to promote scientific literacy amongst Tasmanian students.


Rosemary Anderson
John Bardenhagen
Chloe Simons
Jenny Dudgeon
Dr Jason Smith
Dr Edward Doddridge
Priya Bindal
Andrew Walsh
Deidre Smythe
Kylie Waters
Mary Koolhof


Suzanne Pattinson
Dr Deborah Beswick
Richard Grudzien
Bob Fletcher
Tika Varma
Samuel Cooper
Jennifer Leishman
Ann Jones