Connor Barnett – Early Childhood
(K-2) – Electric pencil sharpener experiment

Jackson Blake, Zekai Cumming and Cobe Sheehan
– Lower Primary (3-4) – Which hand cleaner is the best?

Darcy Sutton – Lower Primary (3-4)
– Watering plants – but not with water

Cooper Baker – Upper Primary (5-6)
– Does height affect the compression levels of bike suspension?

Isabella Connelly – Upper Primary (5-6)
– As strong as your weakest rope…

Maddie Hassell – Upper Primary (5-6)
– Compostable clear cups – Do they decompose?

Angus Knight – Upper Primary (5-6)
– Pas-tea-ic: Are there different amounts of plastic in tea bags?

Junior Secondary

Zachary Allen, Reuben Allen – Junior Secondary (7-8) –
Tracing Eutrophying chemicals in

Ada Hauler, Mikayla Pengalese – Junior
Secondary (7-8) – Saucy Situation

Penny Tassicker – Junior Secondary (7-8) 
 Blow me away: An investigation into the 
hygienic cough.

Sophia Lumb – Junior Secondary (7-8)
– What is the best colour in the
visible light spectrum for plant life?

Nicholas Williams, Rhiannon Field
Junior Secondary (7-8) – The grass is
always greener: An investigation into how
different fertilisers affect plant growth.

Intermediate & Senior Secondary

Alexandra Sheard – Senior Secondary 
(11-12) – An investigation into the effect of 
different temperature conditions on the rate 
of growth of common wheat seeds.

Gabby Burke – Senior Secondary (11-12)
– Marine Debris on southern Tasmanian

Tailah Mowat – Senior Secondary (11-12)
– Eggsellent removal of heavy metals.

Alex Exarhakos, Rupert Hamilton –
Senior Secondary (11-12) –
Human development and dunes

Lachlan Dean, Ashton Billing 
Intermediate (9-10) – Does the duration of
static stretching enhance an adolescent’s
ability to run a 2km distance?

Kasuni Indralal, Sabah Chapri , Raina
Zhao – Intermediate (9-10) –
UV-See, Microbe Flee