TSTS 2018 Online Entry: Themed Section – Whole Class Entry Form (BETA VERSION NOT FOR PUBLIC USE)

TSTS 2018 Online Entry_DEVELOPMENT VERSION 2_Whole Class Entries for Themed Sections

* * PLEASE SUBMIT A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH ENTRY After your first entry forms should offer autofill.
  • If the student is home-educated, learns through distance education or accesses learning in some other form enter details here. Details entered here will appear on the student's Participation Certificate.
  • STAT Members receive a 60% discount when submitting ten (10) or more entries. Check out the Membership section on the STAT Homepage. To receive the discount rate, individuals and/or schools need to be financial members by 1st May 2018.
  • eg. 5/6 Jones, Prep Williams
    Whole Class entries are only permitted for Early Childhood and Lower Primary Divisions.
  • This must match the title on the submitted work.