Research Investigations Awards

TSTS Research Investigation Awards are open to students from Prep – 12.

Australian curriculum links:

  • Science Understanding (strand dependent on the topic researched)
  • Science as Human Endeavour and
  • Science Inquiry Skills
  • English: Several aspects of English are addressed notably, procedural text.


Students may choose any topic for research.

Closing date: Thursday 20th September

  • All entries must be registered online by the closing date.
  • Copies of student work must be received by the closing date.
  • In 2018, we are trialling electronic submission of reports via email.
  • Electronic submissions will only be accepted as PDF documents.

Please post hardcopies to:

Director TSTS – Doug Grubert
c/- Launceston Church Grammar School
10 Lyttleton Street
East Launceston
TAS 7250

Entry Divisions:

Research Investigations are open to all year levels and address all areas of the AC Science. Students are to plan, carry out and report on an experimental inquiry on a topic of their own choice.

  • Students from Prep to Year 4 may have a whole class entry.
  • Individual and small group entries are also acceptable from Prep – Year 4.
  • Students from Years 5 – 12 may have individual or small group entry (no more than 3 students)
  • Individual entries from students in years 9 to 12 are considered more highly.

Judging Criteria:

Judging will be based on evidence of working scientifically and will include:

a) Scientific significance of the topic

b) Processing data

c) Evaluating findings

d) Using Science Planning and conducting inquiries

e) Acting responsibly: No explosives, illegal substances or animal cruelty is acceptable

f) Evidence of Risk Assessment

g) The inclusion of acknowledgment of mentors and supporters – entries must have academic integrity.

NOTE: all entries are judged initially on merit alone. In addition, any which fit the criteria of the Sponsor Topics are judged for those prizes. Winning entries from years 5 – 12, which reach the national standard, will be INVITED to enter the national BHP Billiton Science & Engineering Awards

Stuck for an idea to get started?

The Science Teachers Association of NSW has examples of student research at Ideas for Young Scientists. Make sure any ideas or information is acknowledged but there are some great examples to share with students available. (Thanks to STANSW for the support)