2019 Engineering Awards

Entry to the Tasmanian Science Talent Search Engineering Awards for 2019 has closed and the judging process has begun. Stay tuned to find out the results. 


Students must design, create, test and, where possible, refine a working invention. In addition to the working invention, student/s must submit:

  • a 1000-word report about the development, operation and implications of the invention and
  • a video presentation demonstrating the invention in action (USB or preferably via upload)

Judging Criteria

There are three (3) criteria which will be considered by Judges in the Open Engineering section:

  1. Design Approach: (a) the student/s followed a design process and can provide evidence via a logbook/journal; (b) the student/s’s invention should not be static unless it is an entirely new invention
  2. Design Ingenuity: The invention needs to be a physical device that either: (a) solves a problem in a scientific or engineering context; or (b) provides an innovative approach to solving a problem
  3. Design Value: The invention has the potential to make an impact, whether current or in the future.

Entries should be emailed to the tsts.director@gmail.com by 4:00pm on Wednesday 28th August 2019.  

Many teachers and students are aware that in the past, judging days have been scheduled to coincide with the judging of the TSTS Technology Challenge. In 2019, no designated face-to-face judging has been scheduled. Instead, the judges will liaise directly with students and their teachers. 


All entries in the TSTS Engineering Awards are also eligible for the

UTAS Science and Engineering Investigation Awards

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the timeline for submission and the requirements of the UTAS AWARDS. You need to register your entries for the UTAS Awards by Monday 19th August 2019.

In addition, the best Engineering entries in the TSTS Engineering Awards may be nominated for the BHP Science Awards

Tasmanian students have an amazing record on the national stage.